Celtic Copper Moons on Sleeper Hoops

Celtic Copper Moons on Sleeper Hoops

"Under the moon they worked to complete the carving in the stone. The swirling patterns worked their hypnotic charm and made the stone carvers forget place and time."

Artisan handcrafted moon charms in copper with a cute swirly pattern hanging from copper sleeper hoops.
Spirals and dots have been used all over the world as decoration and give these earrings a tribal look. I can imagine a Celtic druid of old having a moon like this tattooed on his cheek.

The crescents have been oxidised and polished, then given a protective coating. They are smooth copper on the back.
The hoops are very comfortable and secure to wear and have been oxidised, polished and protected with a sealant.
The hoops are 15 mm in diameter and the whole earring hangs about 25 mm - that's 1 inch.

* Copper hoops 16 mm outside diameter, 0.8 mm thick wire (20 gauge)
* Copper moons 9 by 12 mm

Will arrive ready gift-wrapped in a cute little ribboned box

These hoops have been given a protective coating - this both preserves their colour and goes some way to shield your skin from the copper. With use this coating will wear off.

So will copper turn my skin green?
Could be. Each person's skin reacts to copper in different ways. For some people it will turn your skin green when worn but for some it doesn't. There is no way to know if it will happen to you other than trying it out. If your skin does have a reaction to the copper the green mark will usually disappear overnight (if the earring is removed) or will easily wash away with soap and water.

The green is harmless and some people even say that wearing copper is good for you.

If you want to try to prevent the earring from turning your piercing green you can apply clear nail polish to the hoops. The nail polish coating will prevent the ring's metal alloys from coming in contact with your skin and prevent your piercing from turning green. The clear polish will eventually wear off and when it does just add another application of the nail polish.
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