Sleeper Hoop Earrings 11 mm  - Sterling Silver

Sleeper Hoop Earrings 11 mm - Sterling Silver

Small hoops in sterling silver with ball end. Also suitable for cartilage piercings and as a nose ring. 
They are just 11 mm in diameter and with a wire gauge of 18 - that's 1 mm in thickness.

They have no awkward hinge lock, just twist to open and close and arrange the ball to sit where you would like - Hide it at the back if you prefer, or create a wave up along your ear. :o)

These earrings can stay in for months at a time. So comfortable you can forget about them. This listing is for one pair.

They also come in a wonderful deep black finish (Oxidised) as in the second image.

If you want even smaller hoops I also have 8-10 mm in my shop in a slimmer gauge (0.8 mm):

8 mm hoops

9 mm hoops

10 mm hoops

6.50 GBP