Copper Slide Wrap Bracelet - Falling Leaves

Copper Slide Wrap Bracelet - Falling Leaves

"The falling leaves signifies and end to summer but also a waking. The air becomes fresh and clear. Stride forward and shake off the sleepy feeling of warm days."

Autumn is the most spectacular show of the year. Whirls of leaves on this bracelet reminds me of woodland and the gorgeous red, gold and orange colours.
The slide is hand formed in deep orange recycled copper. The warm colour just right for the sycamore leaves.
The back bears my makers mark and a hoops for the ribbon.

The silk is hand made and hand dyed (by another fabulous maker).
You wrap it around your wrist 5-6 times, then tie a small knot and tuck in the ends. Very comfortable and very stylish. The colours here are baby blue, turquoise and bright teal. I call it "Pumpkin".

You can choose a different colour for the ribbon from my current stock. See the picture and add your choice in the note to seller.
Can't decide which colour to go for? You can buy extra ribbons here. They are easy to change over. 
28 GBP