Daisy Earrings in Silver and Gold

Daisy Earrings in Silver and Gold

Have you ever made a daisy chain in a lazy Sunday afternoon? I have...

Daisies - mother natures little sunshine flowers. Perfect romantic gift for that girl with a daisy chain in her golden hair.

I picked one of this summer's beautiful but modest little flowers and used it to make a mould. These earrings are made from fine silver - 99.9% pure and recycled. Once formed and polished I fused a layer of 24 carat gold to the centre to really make them shine like the sun. They will even brighten a dark winter day.
The back bears my makers mark and the 999 for fine silver.

* Fine silver drops - about 18 x 12 mm
* 24 carat gold detail
* Sterling silver hooks

Matching necklace available here.
30 GBP