Fine Silver Dangle Drop Earrings. Woodland Oak

Fine Silver Dangle Drop Earrings. Woodland Oak

In celebration of ancient woodland and royal oaks. Little drops of fine silver impressed with a single oak leaf. 
For the rambler, forest fairy or woodland dryad. 
I have oxidised the earrings to make the leaf and the detailed pattern on the back stand out. 
Classic earrings suitable for a walk in the woods or open air theatre. 
The drops hand from handmade sterling silver ear wires.

The drops measure 12 x 8 mm 
The hooks are 0.8 mm wire

In ancient Celtic tradition the oak symbolises life, power, family, endurance, strength and wisdom. I love the delicate fingered leaves and I am in awe of their longevity. Some of the oaks alive today have seen druids and Vikings walk underneath them.
25 GBP