Gold Hoops with Hematite Gemstones

Gold Hoops with Hematite Gemstones

"The gift was black and gold - the colors of his insignia. The significance was not lost on her."

Three metallic black faceted haematite beads adorn these very popular 14 ct gold-fill earring hoops with a simple closing mechanism. Just twist slightly to open.

These gorgeous rondelle beads are smooth with slightly organic and irregular facets. 
They move freely in the hoop. 
Haematite was known to the Vikings as blood stone and is said to bring calm and focus.

14 carat gold-fill has a gorgeous deep yellow colour. 
Gold filled wire is a great quality alternative to solid gold. Gold filled wire has to be at least 5% gold so the layer is much thicker than normal gold plating and will last for years.

These are also brilliant as sleeper earrings. Shower, swim and wear them 24-7. Very secure, comfortable and light. 
These hoops measure 16mm in diameter. The listing is for one pair.

. 14 carat gold filled wire hoops 0.8 mm thick wire 
. Haematite 5 x 3 mm - a trio on each hoop

Also available with amber or just as simple gold. 
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17 GBP