Gold Sleeper Hoop Earrings - 14k Gold Fill 11mm

Gold Sleeper Hoop Earrings - 14k Gold Fill 11mm

Tiny golden sleeper hoops with a hammered overlap closure
Cute and oh so comfortable sleeper hoops - perfect for everyday wear.

The hoops are a classic and elegant design one end hammered to a paddle that overlaps the rounded end you thread in the ear. The hoop has no fastening, just twist sideways to open and close. No hooks or scrolls to catch in clothing, yet they sit very securely.
Sleep in them, swim in them, wear them always :oD

I made them with Gold filled wire, that's gold bonded to a brass core, the gold is much thicker than plate and won't wear off. The 14 karat gold is a glorious sunny colour.

* 1 Pair (2 earrings)
* Gold filled wire 1.0 mm (18 Gauge)
* 14 karat gold on brass core (14k/20)
* Approx 11 mm outside diameter (about 9 mm inside)

Twist sideways to open. That way you keep the perfect circle intact. These very small hoops can be fiddly to get in, but they are really secure once on.

18 gauge wire is slightly thicker than a standard ear wire which is usually 20 gauge (0.8mm). If you'd like this thinner version just let me know in the note to seller and I will make you a pair like that.
10 GBP