Haematite & Sterling Earring Studs

Haematite & Sterling Earring Studs

"She had never seen black flowers before. For some reason she took it as a good luck omen."

Shiny jet black hematite stones set in bright silver - these stark graphic earrings lends a modern look to most outfits.
The 6 mm domes are set in a jagged cut bezel reminiscent of stars and snowflakes. Designed and cut by me in my little studio.

Haematite is said to bring protection and grounding, and to inspire original thinking. The Vikings called them blood stones and treasured them highly.

Comes with sterling silver scrolls as fasteners. 
Monochrome post earrings essential for your jewellery box.

* Sterling silver posts and scroll backs
* 6 mm domed Haematite stones
* Fine silver bezel in special design.
24 GBP