Labradorite and Silver Studs - Sterling Post Earrings

Labradorite and Silver Studs - Sterling Post Earrings

Beautiful labradorite cabochons with a wonderful blue flash set in my own design star setting of sterling silver.

"The dwarves found labradorite while digging for mithril. The soon found that the stone was highly coveted by elves who would pay dearly for a stone that looked like moss but contained the fore of the northern lights."

I specially cut the silver in this flower / snowflake pattern and wrapped in around the moss grey cabochons. The labradorite is a high quality and contains the speckled look that make them look so organic as well as a lovely flash of electric blue. 
The silver is oxidized lightly to show up the petal pattern. 
The gem studs have a rustic dragon age character. The stone domes measure 6mm across.

* Sterling silver posts and butterfly scrolls
* Fine silver bezels in special flower design
* Deep grey green labradorite cabochons 6 mm in diameter
* Vintage, elven, art nouveau, woodland style

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24 GBP