Leather Bracelet With Silver Rune Plate

Leather Bracelet With Silver Rune Plate

"There is magic and portends in the runes - ever since Odin went forth on his quest to acquire their secret."

This is a classic leather bracelet with a sterling silver plate attached. The silver holds the runes of your choice. You can choose up to 5 runes - a name, a good luck word or a set of symbols chosen for the meaning that has been ascribed to each magical letter sine Odin's day.
The sample in the picture spells the name of Odin himself. THe plaque has been oxidised so that the runes really stand out and so the silver looks worn, like a relic from the dragon age.
The silver is 1.5 mm thick and measures 15 by 41 mm.
Have a look at the chart of runes in the photos to select your choice of Elder Futhark runes or use this link. 

If you have other runes in mind send me a message - I'm sure we can work something out.

The leather is a solid thickness of about 2 mm. Sturdy but still supple and comfortable around your wrist. I currently have 3 colours in stock - Black, slate grey and a dark golden brown. There are examples of all 3 in the photos. Let me know your colour with your choice of runes.
The closure is a Sam Browne stud. It screws in securely and fastens through an eyelet cut in the leather. It will be tight to close at first but will soften with use.

Bracelet size:
The options in the drop down menu refers to your wrist size. Measure your wrist with a soft measuring tape or a piece of string that isn't stretchy.
This is the length you want to choose in the menu.
To this I add 15 mm so that the leather is comfortable and not tight. This is the measure from the stud to the eyelet.
If you prefer a looser fit, choose a bigger wrist size.
60 GBP