Oak Leaf Pendant with 3 Red Gems

Oak Leaf Pendant with 3 Red Gems

Oak leaves for me symbolises ancient woodland, wonderful walks in nature and being in balance.

This leaf was fashioned out of recycled sterling silver and adorned with three sparkly CZs in a gorgeous red and some tiny dots of silver mimicking tiny dew drops on the surface of the leaf.
I've impressed it with a detailed vein texture and a swirly wire of silver curves from the front to the back creating the bail it hangs from.

The cable chain is 18 inches long (45cm) adjustable down to 16" (40 cm).

The Celts, Romans, Greeks and Teutonic tribes all had legends connected to the mighty oak tree. Typically, the oak was related to deities that had control over thunder, lightning, and storms.
The Druids are believed to have held rituals in oak groves, and certainly mistletoe was to be found on oak trees.
The oak traditionally stands for family, strength, patience and perseverance.

This necklace is one of a kind. I have made a collection of oak leaf pendants, but they all get their unique little touches - gems, silver details and curves to make them all individual.
Hallmarked with my makers mark and all the British conventional marks including the sterling lion by Sheffield Assay Office.

* Oak leaf measures 44 by 24 mm
* 3 red CZs
* 16-18 inch sterling silver cable chain.
75 GBP