Petal Drop Earrings with Spring Green Flower Jade

Petal Drop Earrings with Spring Green Flower Jade

These earrings in fine silver are so very summery. I have impressed the petals with one of my favourite flower - fairytale patterns and given them a slight dome so that they catch the light and present an elegant curve to the world.
The ear wires which are made of sterling silver are securely wire wrapped to the drops and adorned with little 4 mm flower jade beads. They just add a splash of colour and give the earrings a little fu detail.

The earrings measure about 38 mm from the top of the French hook to the tip of the petal.
The petal itself is 19 by 15 mm
The hooks are 20g wire (0.8 mm thick)

This listing is for one pair which will arrive in a cute little ribbon box.

This pattern is also available in 
* Earrings with just the petal
* 4 mm wide ring
45 GBP