Silver Rune Pendant with Gold Detail

Silver Rune Pendant with Gold Detail

Inspired by ancient myths and my Viking ancestry, this is a necklace for anyone who loves Norse mythology and medieval design.

This lentil bead is made by preparing each face separately and impressing it with the texture I have handmade. 
The letters are runes - the Scandinavian furthark kind. 
Both sides are imprinted with the text taken from the classic book "Morte d'Arthur" - It's the scene of Guinevere and Arthur's wedding feast. 
The bead was then fused into a whole, before adding the gold detail - a single autumn leaf in very thick gold leaf - 24 carat. The gold was fused to the silver using an old Japanese technique.

I then oxidised the whole bead which makes the gold stand out beautifully and polished it to a high shine so that the runes stand out too.

It has a solid feel to it - indeed with the gorgeous trace chain attached, there is 14.5 grams of silver here.

The chain has a handmade toggle clasp and my makers mark and has been oxidised to match the pendant. 
The necklace has been hallmarked from Sheffield Assay Office with all the standard British marks for Sterling silver.

* 25 mm diameter lentil bead hollow form in sterling silver 
* 20 inch (50 cm) Sterling trace chain 
* 23 carat gold detail
75 GBP
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