Rune Leaf Drop Earrings on Hoops. Sterling Silver

Rune Leaf Drop Earrings on Hoops. Sterling Silver

Elegant little fine silver leaves imprinted with a fragment of rune scripture. They dangle freely from 1 mm thick hoops with bud ends. They could have been made in medieval times.
The text is from Morte D'Arthur - a section describing Arthur and Guenevere's wedding feast. I have translated it to runes and mad a texture from it to imprint my silver with. 
The story of Merlin and Arthur is one of my favourites and I think the runes fit it really well.
The rings are sleeper hoops with no catches, which make them incredibly comfortable to wear. They can be slightly more fiddly to put on, but once on are very secure. I sleep in mine with no problems at all.
The 1 mm thick wire can be too much for some piercings, so if you'd rather have a thinner gage or traditional French hooks (seen in the last picture), please let me know in the note to seller on check out and I will replace them.
The hoops are also available plain and with other dangles.

and I have used the rune motif in a ring design as well.
* 11 mm hoops - 1 mm thick sterling wire 
* 12 mm fine silver leaves - 1 mm thick
20 GBP