Bronze Tree of Life Bracelet - Silk Wrap

Bronze Tree of Life Bracelet - Silk Wrap

Add a touch of romance to your next ensemble with this tree of life silk ribbon wrap bracelet.
With a handmade soft silk ribbon, this bracelet is the epitome of bohemian chic. It features a large handmade bronze slide adorned with a glorious cherry tree of life motif.

The tree of life is symbolic in that it denotes growth, protection and strength. This is an exceptional piece to give to a friend or loved one suffering from illness or worldly problems. It also will make a lovely addition to your jewellery collection. Wear it any time you want to weave a little love spell on someone you hold dear.

I have shaped and stamped the clasp by hand from recycled bronze in metal clay form, then fired and polished to a high shine.
The claps has a wonderful old, gnarled cherry tree in full bloom.The silk is green, blue and yellow and wraps around your wrist about 5 times.
Just wrap around your wrist, knot and tuck in the ends.
(The one pictured I call "Pumpkin").

You can choose the colour of the ribbon from my current stock. See the picture and add your choice in the note to seller during check out.

Can't decide which colour to go for? You can buy extra ribbons here. They are easy to change over.
28 GBP