Silver Gemstone RIng - Sky Blue Cubic Zirconia

Silver Gemstone RIng - Sky Blue Cubic Zirconia

"Immediately the stone in her ring flared a brilliant bright blue. Beren had learnt from experience that the queen had made her decision. The rest was up to fate."

One of a kind, I just recently finished this little ring with it's elaborate crown setting and the stone secured by four claws hugging the incredibly sparkly CZ.
The stone is a gorgeous light blue which looks wonderfully bright since the setting allows lots of light to shine through it.

This is a statement ring and will remain unique in size US 7.25 - UK O

The band is impressed with a random scattering of little leaves and the shoulders framing the stone holds extra little white CZs just to add even more sparkle.

I imagine an elven queen would be happy wearing this ring, but not because her heart is frozen, it helps her keep her thoughts cool and maintain a clear mind.

* 8 mm light blue cubic zirconia
* 4 mm wide band in sterling silver
* Unique in size US 7.25 - UK O - ( Can be brought up a quarter US size if needed )
80 GBP