Silver Ivy Leaf Post Earrings - Tiny Forest Studs

Silver Ivy Leaf Post Earrings - Tiny Forest Studs

This exquisite pair of handmade fine silver ivy leaf post earrings make a riveting accessory for the nature lover or even a forest maiden.

Each earring has been custom moulded from one of my original leaf sculptures. The detail is subtle, yet breath-taking. You'll feel like a gypsy traipsing through the sun-kissed forest each time you wear them.
These earrings provide just the right amount of fashionable detail to give even the most mundane outfit a burst of energy. The ivy leaf symbolizes strength and long-lasting friendship, which is no wonder given that the plant attaches to rocky surfaces and can weather most storms. Send a pair to a friend or loved one on her birthday.

The leaves measure 6 by 6 mm.
If you fancy them even tinyer I can make you a pair about 4-5mm just set me know.
20 GBP