Silver Ravens and Raw Amber Earrings

Silver Ravens and Raw Amber Earrings

"She didn't wait for the men to come home boasting of loot and treasure. What she wore with fierce pride she had won for herself, from her gold capped shield down to the last tiny silver earring."

Rustic rounds of fine silver imprinted with Odin's iconic ravens Hugin and Munin - Thought and Memory. They dangle freely under a stack of raw amber beads from the Danish shoreline. They could have been worn by a shield maiden.
The pair shown are the ones you're buying - I find the amber is so unique that I better photograph each pair so that you can see exactly what you're buying.

Odin's ravens brought him news and secrets from all over midgard and whispered wisdom in his ears.
The beads are raw Danish amber - left unpolished they still have that wonderful glow and speak of wilder times. Stung on Sterling silver wire and hung from hooks in the same material.

* Raw Danish amber
* 15 mm recycled fine silver discs - 0.5 mm thick
* Sterling silver hooks - 0.8 mm thick

Will arrive ready gift-wrapped in a cute little ribboned box
30 GBP