Spiral Ivy Leaf Cuff- Silk Ribbon Bracelet

Spiral Ivy Leaf Cuff- Silk Ribbon Bracelet

"A sprig of ivy for my best friend."

Wrap a beautiful woodland Ivy branch around your wrist to show your love of nature. Made from pure recycled silver the leaf is slightly curved to follow your wrist.
The back bears my makers mark and a hoop for the ribbon made of sterling silver.
You wrap it to your wrist with a super-soft black hand dyed silk ribbon. Tie a small knot an tuck in the ends. Very comfortable and very stylish.

For the Celtic druids, ivy was a symbol of friendship because of it's hardiness and tendency to twine and 'embrace'. For me Ivy reminds me that however much we chop down the wild and build our big structures, mother nature will always find a way back in and eventually restore herself.

The ribbon pictured is "Sleeping beauty" in the colours of delicate rose petals of dusty pink and purple.
To choose another colour ribbon see the picture of my current stock and add your choice in the note to seller at check out.  

The slide measures 25x30 mm and the silk is a generous 1 meter long.
(This is a smaller lighter slide than my other bracelets)

*Reclaimed Fine Silver (99.9% silver)
*Fine silver hoops on the back
*Leaf measures 25 x 30 mm
*Hand dyed silk crinkle ribbon - 1 meter long

Can't decide which colour to go for? You can buy extra ribbons here. They are easy to change over. 
37 GBP