Sterling Band Ring - Elven Find - Mythical Runes

Sterling Band Ring - Elven Find - Mythical Runes

Here is a ring for anyone who loves tales of Elves and fantasy. It would make a beautiful timeless wedding ring. 
Relic ring inscribed in Feanorian characters, the text is a fragment from "Song of Beren and Luthien". A very romantic tale of love and staying together till death do us part. The ring is said to have been made in the last stronghold of the west.

This ring is inspired by tales of high Elves and their magic. It is a 5 mm wide band - rustic, handmade and oxidized to emphasise the runic calligraphy. Whatever the letters say they are beautiful in their swirly feminine style.

The ring is imprinted with Elven runes and subtly adorned with an round rune plaque to finish the design. Polished to a high shine. 
The silver is actually purer than sterling - a percentage known as Britannia silver. It is 96% silver vs. sterling's 92.5%
It is recycled silver - extracted from photographic films and liquids, so this is a truly ethical choice.

Made to order in all ring sizes.
If you don't know your US or UK size, just measure the inner diameter of a ring you already have and let me know (in the note to seller). Or buy a ring sizer here.

* Recycled Britannia silver
* About 5 mm wide
* 1 mm thick

Will arrive ready gift-wrapped in a cute little ribboned box .
Please be sure about your ring size before placing your order.

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55 GBP