Sterling Band Ring - Rustic Viking Treasure - Runes

Sterling Band Ring - Rustic Viking Treasure - Runes

"Even some Vikings revered and respected Arthur and his legendary tale."

This ring is inspired by vikings and tales of heroic kings. It is a 6 mm wide band - rustic, handshaped and oxidized to emphasise the runic scripture.

The ring is imprinted with runes - the text taken from the classic book "Morte d'Arthur" - It's the scene of Guinevere and Arthur's wedding feast.
Subtly adorned with an round rune plaque and it has taken various 'sword cuts' at the edges, making it look like an excavated artefact from the dragon age.

The silver is actually purer than sterling - a percentage known as Britannia silver. It is 96% silver vs Sterlings 92.5%

Made to order in all ring sizes.
If you don't know your US or UK size, just measure the inner diameter of a ring you already have and let me know (in the note to seller on the Paypal screen).

*Britannia silver
*6 mm wide
55 GBP