Sterling Silver Hoops with Hematite

Sterling Silver Hoops with Hematite

Very popular sterling silver earring hoops with a simple closing mechanism. Just twist slightly to open. 
This pair is adorned with a trio each of faceted haematite rondelles moving freely in the hoop. 
I think the hoop looks like a tiny abacus.

Hematite gets its name from Greek meaning "blood stone". In modern times we're more familiar with polished, silvery gray-black hematite, so the name blood stone seems strange. However, when found naturally, most hematite - an iron oxide ore - is red with rust, so that's how it got its name. 

Haematite is said to boost self esteem and harmonize mind, body and spirit.

These sterling hoops are also brilliant as sleeper earrings. Shower, swim and wear them 24-7. Very secure, comfortable and light.

* Argentium sterling silver
* Sleeper hoops 16mm in diameter.
* Gemstones are approx 5 mm diameter. Will vary with each bead

Will arrive ready gift-wrapped in a cute little ribboned box
12 GBP