Sterling twist Ring with Hematite - Viking Style

Sterling twist Ring with Hematite - Viking Style

This ring is a mix of my Elven rings and twist rings. The shank is twisted from one wire and in the loop at the end is nestled a perfect round haematite bead. The Vikings called them blood stones. 
The opposite ends are shaped into spirals. Both twists and spirals are classic and has been used since Celtic times in jewellery. 
I think my Danish heritage is shining through. :o)

I have oxidised the ring to give it character and age. The ring has a mediaeval look and makes a strong monochromatic statement. I have twisted and forged by hand and it shows in the rustic irregularities. It gives the ring character and makes everyone of them unique.

The ring is adjustable and the open design allows you to just pull or squeeze gently until the ring is comfortable on your finger. In the photos the ring is set to a size 6 (US) or M (UK).

If you know you have significantly larger or smaller fingers let me know in the 'note to seller' on check and I will adjust the size accordingly.

- 1 mm twisted sterling wire 
- Bead secured with 0.4 mm fine silver wire 
- Haematite bead 4 mm diameter

26 GBP