Tiny Fine Silver Leaf Charm Pendant

Tiny Fine Silver Leaf Charm Pendant

"No one knew that his precious medallion was a locket. In it in great secrecy he kept a single leaf from the tree in the glen where he last kissed her. He had never given up hope."

A dainty leaf pendant in recycled silver. Moulded from a real leaf from my garden. The leaf is impressed front and back - but the silver charm is thicker than the original leaf. It has a lovely weight to it. About 1 mm thick.
Very delicate and understated jewellery in bright silver, perfect for showing off suntanned skin in the summer sun.

The leaf is a powerful symbol - meaning both hope and renewal. These necklaces would make a wonderful set of bridesmaid gifts.

It comes with a delicate sterling silver diamond cut bead chain - 16" or 40 cms to sit just in the dip of your collarbones.
It can be extended to 18" if you prefer.

* Sterling silver pendant 12x16 mm (about the width of a finger)
* Sterling silver bead chain 16" (40 cm)

Will arrive ready gift-wrapped in a cute little ribboned box
30 GBP