Unique Artisan Ring - Forest Dew - Size J

Unique Artisan Ring - Forest Dew - Size J

"It was a farewell gift to his little sister. Never before had he been gone so long and the forest seems to share her longing."

Shiny coppery ring in a woodland theme. To glittering cubic zirconia stones had been set in a modulated setting of copper. One is pale green and the tiny faceted one is lavender. They are surrounded by hand shaped leaves and buds and look like two captured dew drops - reflecting the flowers around them on the forest floor.

This ring is one of a kind in a size 5 ( UK J). I can make it about half a size bigger on request if needed, but an exact copy will never be made. Hurrah for handmade.

*Copper band 3 mm wide
*2 mm lavender cubic zirconia
*4 mm pale green cabochon zirconia

The ring has been sealed with protective wax, but copper can still turn some peoples fingers slightly green where it is in contact with the band. This is completely harmless and washes off. Some people even say that wearing copper is good for the blood circulation.
30 GBP
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