Viking Rune Bead, Silver Tube for Beard, Hair or Necklace

Viking Rune Bead, Silver Tube for Beard, Hair or Necklace

Choose your own 3 runes on this little tube bead in fine silver.
This little charm bead can be used as a beard bead, a hair bead or threaded on a leather necklace or charm bracelet.
This listing is for one bead containing 3 runes.

The bead is 8 mm tall, with an internal diameter of about 5 mm and an outer diameter of 7 mm
It is made from recycled fine silver. The bead is patinaed to give a dark background and let the runes stand out, but if you prefer bright white silver just let me know and I will leave it so.

You can select 3 Viking runes for luck or a personal specific meaning.
Have a look at the diagram image to see the Elder Futhark alphabet and what the runes traditionally stand for. or CLICK here.
Or spell a little word - Luv, Joy, Now or Dad - Let me know in the note to seller and I wills end you a preview before I make the bead.

* Sterling Silver Tube Bead
* 8mm tall, 7 mm wide
* internal hole about 5 mm

Will arrive in a little gift box ready for giving.

Leather necklaces to string the beads on are available here.

I also make custom rune rings.
and ear cuffs
20 GBP