Viking Rune DIal Necklace with Compass Stone

Viking Rune DIal Necklace with Compass Stone

"Bjarke stared at the shiny medallion in his hand. The old man closed Bjarkes fingers around it. "Keep it safe and hidden. You've earned it. Odin's ravens will guide you in your quest."

This is a one of spinning pendant I made this summer. On one side along the rim is the full alphabet of the Elder Futhark Viking runes. A window in the bail lets you choose a rune for the day to guide and help you - or select a symbol you want to contemplate that day. Above the window I have set a little purple Iolite stone - also called "Viking's compass" as it is believed that the vikings used a gemstone such as Iolite with polarising properties to locate the exact position of the sun on an overcast day so they could steer by it.

On the opposite side Hugin and Munin fly. They are Odin's ravens - Thought and Memory. Let them whisper news and insights in your ear.

The pendant is made from sterling silver and is quite a substantial piece. The disc is 34 mm wide and the pendant with the bail is 44 mm long. The bail is fixed to the disc with a silver rivet which allows the medallion to spin. This relic is unique and handmade. Deliberately made to look old with patina and wear marks.

The pendant hangs on a thick snake chain in sterling silver. It's 20" long - 50 cm. You can switch it for an 18" chain if you prefer or buy it without chain and instead choose one of my leather cords.
The pendant looks great on a 3mm black leather cord - See the photos for a length guide and various necklace options.

I sell leather cords here.

Weighing in at nearly 28 grams of silver with the chain this is a lovely chunky piece which would look great on both Warriors and Valkyries.
It has been hallmarked with the British convention marks and my maker's mark by Sheffield Assay Office.

*Viking Pendant in sterling silver - 44mm tall, 34 mm diameter
*Iolite cabochon 4 mm
*18 or 20" sterling silver snake chain
160 GBP
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