Wide Band Ring in Sterling with Streak of Gold

Wide Band Ring in Sterling with Streak of Gold

Wide statement silver ring with elven runes and a bar of gold running down it.
The text is from a texture plate that I handmade. It is Elven runes in a tengwar font. The English is phonetically translated from:

"All that is gold does not glitter
Not all those who wander are lost."

I have oxidized the ring heavily to make it look old like and artefact or heirloom. It also brings out and highlights the writing. The gold is attached using a Keum boo technique - fusing it to the silver while hot - much thicker than gold plating.

A ring for anyone who loves fantasy and elves.
It is recycled silver - extracted from photographic films and liquids, so this is a truly ethical choice.

Remember to let me know your ring size in either US or UK size
If you don't know your US or UK size, just measure the inner diameter of a ring you already have and let me know in the note to seller on checkout.
Do note that wider bands might need to be a size larger than skinnier rings to fit comfortably (1 US size, 2 UK sizes as a guide).

Made to order in ring sizes N to size S. (Any larger than that and the weight will exceed 7.78 grams and the ring has to be hallmarked at extra cost. If you want one, contact me for a price in your size). Any smaller and it won't hold the complete text.

* Recycled sterling silver about 12 mm wide
* 23.5 Carat gold

Will arrive ready gift-wrapped in a cute little ribboned box .
Please be sure about your ring size before placing your order.

*** A bit more about the Tengwar text ***
I have translated the first two lines of a poem as phonetic English (not Quenya) and made into a texture plate to impress the silver. 

Also available in a thin version with a single line.
80 GBP