Wrap Around Bracelet With Copper Butterfly

Wrap Around Bracelet With Copper Butterfly

"Woodland butterflies are some of natures little miracles. Sparkling blue or orange they suddenly rise before your eyes to dance in the speckled sunlight."

The softest silk crinkle ribbon wrap bracelet with a decorated copper slide featuring a cute butterfly pattern. 
I have shaped and stamped the focal by hand from recycled copper in metal clay form, then fired and polished to a high shine.

The slide has a lush texture and pattern of flowers and butterflies, the silk is hand dyed with a gorgeous mix of forest green, verdigris and olive. I call it "Succulent". A delicious summer evening walk wrapped around your wrist 5-6 times.

You can choose the colour of the ribbon from my current stock. See the picture and choose from the drop down menu. 
Can't decide which colour to go for? You can buy extra ribbons here. They are easy to change over. 
28 GBP